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    Lawn Fertilizing and Using a professional for all lawn fertilizer applications

    Usually if you plan on doing lawn fertilizing you should consider doing it in the fall when using fertilizer applications. This is a good season in which you can provide your lawn with the fertilizer supplement which can help with weed control solutions. At this time of year the weather is conducive which is great for nutrient absorption. Shrubs and trees often lose their natural green color and leaves during the fall. While this is natural itís also a good indication that it may be time to bring out the fertilizer.
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    Lawn mowing and Weekly Lawn Care Programs

    If you have a lawn you know how important it is to maintain it on a weekly basis. The outside of your home or office is the first thing that people see when visiting so first impressions can go a long way. There are many companies out there that offer a weekly lawn care program that for a low fee they will do everything needed to keep your lawn healthy and green. If you are limited on time you opt to have a professional mow your lawn and care for it to help ensure that itís taken care of properly.
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    Hedge Trimming

    Hedge trimming helps to put the final touches on a garden, looks great and gives you something to talk about with your neighbors. If you trim your hedge regularly it helps to shape it and maintain it overtime. There are many power tools available on the market today that makes hedge trimming quick and easy. A pruning regime makes it much easier to control your hedges. Regular maintenance helps you to maintain a nice looking hedge and saves you a ton of time. Donít wait until the hedge has overgrown before trimming it.

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